?Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain? Tip: Play Ground Zeroes First And Get An Added Bonus In The New Game, Here?s How

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Finished Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and ready to take on The Phantom Pain? Or did you skip Ground Zeroes? Here are some perks that you can get when you played or completed the prequel to the Phantom Pain.

If you finished Ground Zeroes and preparing for The Phantom Pain, hold on as you have to make sure you performed this conditions to get some free perks that you can use for The Phantom Pain, credits to IGN for the handy info.

*Upload your save from the main menu in Ground Zeroes, then download it on the Phantom Pain (requires internet connection). You can upload your save data from your PS3 then download it to your PS4, same applies with the Xbox consoles.

Now here are the rewards that you can get when you play The Phantom Pain:

Completing the Deja Vu mission will give you a set of uniforms that you can use in the main game:


The rough polygonal PlayStation One version of Solid Snake will be become available as a skin (this is only exclusive for PlayStation owners)


You will also get the sneaking suit Snake used in Ground Zeroes for the main game, all you need to do is just play or complete Ground Zeroes then upload the save data.

The third, yet unconfirmed reward is Camp Omega from Ground Zeroes where it will become available in Phantom Pain as a playable level.

Aside from unlockable costumes, you will be able acquire unique volunteers to become your staff at Motherbase. You can earn them by rescuing prisoners of war in every mission in the Ground Zeroes game. Once you are playing Phantom Pain, volunteers will starting appearing after completing succeeding missions, you could even recruit Hideo Kojima to Motherbase if you manage to rescue him in Ground Zeroes.


And there you have it, we hope that this info would help you out and further enhance your experience in the game. If you found some other rewards that were not mentioned in the list, please do share it to us by posting a comment. And if you need tips in surviving Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, be sure to check out our handy guide.

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