Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Nuclear Disarmament Update: Microsoft?s Platforms Nears Success

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Gamers on Xbox One and Xbox 360 are close to achieving success as shown in the latest Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain nuclear disarmament figures. Which platform can first reach total nuclear disarmament in MGS5 TPP?

Nuclear Disarmament Update

Konami has released the nuclear disarmament figures for November 29. Only 35 players have nukes on the Xbox 360 followed by 52 nukes on the Xbox One. The PC/Steam version still has the highest numbers with 11,473. Here?s the full list:

  • PC (Steam): 11,473
  • PS4: 188
  • PS3: 140
  • Xbox One: 52
  • Xbox 360: 35

All platforms of the game saw a high decrease in nuclear weapons in a single day. Those gaming on Steam will still have a long way to go before they witness personally the secret cutscene even as 608 nukes were dismantled in a single day. Here?s the list figures from November 28:

  • PC (Steam): 12,081
  • PS4: 206
  • PS3: 153
  • Xbox One: 40
  • Xbox 360: 39

All versions are seeing a steady decline in nuclear weapons especially since the event was first announced. The Xbox 360 version noticeably had larger decrease than the Xbox One version which helped them be in the lead. Here?s the figures from November 25 and November 1.

November 25

  • PC (Steam): 15, 691
  • PS4: 352
  • PS3: 250
  • Xbox One: 96
  • Xbox 360: 85

November 1

  • PC (Steam): 15, 691
  • Ps4: 2,761
  • Ps3: 1,685
  • Xbox One: 525
  • Xbox 360: 1,011

Not all players automatically participate in the nuclear disarmament event. You can click here to see all the conditions needed for you to participate and how to help reduce the nukes in the game.

Rumors are spreading that achieving total nuclear disarmament will pave the way for Konami to release Chapter 3: Peace. It is also rumored that creator Hideo Kojima will be attending The Game Awards this December 3 to acknowledge the feat of players in the nuclear disarmament event and reveal the release of chapter 3.

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