Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain: MGO File Size Revealed, Gameplay And What To Expect

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The long awaited competitive online multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Pain will come out this October 6 and the file size of the PS4 version has now been revealed. Konami has recently announced that a patch will be rolled out on the same day for MGS5 TPP to address game breaking bugs as well as other issues. Gamers who are low on storage space will be relieved as the update file which contains?Metal Gear Online will not?exceed 1GB.

According to the PlayStation Japan Store, the file size of Metal Gear Online for PS4 will weigh 913MB, Gamingbolt reported. The file size for the game on other platforms has yet to be announced.

If you?re running low on storage space on your PS4, you can manually upgrade it with the Seagate a 2TB HDD. The modestly priced 2TB HDD not only increases you storage, it also boosts performance quality. You can check out the perks as well as how to do this yourself via Eurogamer.

Take note that October 6 is also the date when the player bonuses ends. Make sure that you have already accomplished raiding 5 FOBs and garnered 10 supporters starting from September 30 to comply for the bonuses.


The MGS5 TPP update version 1.04 version is now live. The file weighs 654.8MB.


The MGSV TPP update version 1.04 only contains bug fixes for the main game. On the PS4, users will have to download MGO on the PlayStation store. As of writing, MGO has yet to be made available on the PS store.

Stealth Is Still Essential In Metal Gear Online

GameSpot got a hands-on experience on?Metal Gear Online during Tokyo Game Show 2015. They said they have barely seen everything that MGO has to offer despite having spent over six hours playing the game. Unlike the main story missions in all Metal Gear Solid games including MGS5 TPP, teamwork looks to be an integral part of MGO, particularly in the Cloak and Dagger mode.

The Cloak and Dagger mode is a traditional attack and defense mode, but it necessitates the attacking team to use non-lethal weapons in close quarters combat, GameSpot said. This means that attackers cannot run and gun their way to victory because of the advantage given to defenders. ?Cloak and Dagger is the mode I?m most looking forward to playing when MGO launches. It?s the tense stealth of the Phantom Pain?s single player, meshed with the tactics of human-against human scenarios,? GameSpot wrote.

?The character progression is appealing, and the maps are well designed. But the most attractive thing about Metal Gear Online is the wealth of ridiculous situations, and absurd results, ready to be used against an unwitting attacker meters outside of the evac zone.

All players who have a copy of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain will receive the MGO update for free. PC owners, however, will have to wait until July to play MGO.

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