Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain: Konami Apologizes With Tons Of Rewards, MGO Releases The Same Day

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Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom Pain has been riddled with tons of game breaking bugs as well as stability issues with the online servers. For those who never bother to read Konami?s online notices or dislike turning on the internet whenever they start the game, Konami has recently announced great rewards to compensate all MGS5 TPP players.

Konami will be introducing a patch for the game this October 6 which will also include tons of great rewards to make-up for all the problems as well as to celebrate one month of passing since the game officially released. However, to get the rewards, Konami tasks players with successfully accomplishing tasks from September 30 until October 6. Those who successfully accomplished the tasks will be given the respective rewards on October 13.

FOB Infiltration

Players must successfully infiltrate and reach the base core of rival FOBs by a total of 5 times. Visits and infiltrating your own FOB will not count towards completion. Here are the rewards that will be given upon completion:

  • [A+ staff for each unit] x5 each
  • 600,000 GMP
  • 2,000 Processed Resources
  • 2,000 Processed Biological Materials
  • 2,000 Processed Common Metals
  • 1,200 Processed Minor Metals
  • 1,200 Processed Precious Metals

Support Promotion

Players must reach a total of 10 or more supporters. These are the rewards if you are able to comply:

  • [Rank A staff for each unit] x5 each
  • 200,000 GMP
  • 700 Processed Fuel Resources
  • 700 Processed Biological Materials
  • 700 Processed Common Metals
  • 400 Processed Minor Metals
  • 100 Processed Precious Metals

October 6, 2015 is also the release date for Metal Gear Online and the patch might actually include files for this feature. This means that the patch might weigh more than 1GB. Are you excited?

Are you capable of accomplishing both tasks? Encountered problems and game breaking bugs that haven?t been announced by Konami? For tips on Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, check the following stories:

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