Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Hack: S-Rank Missions Easily, Exploit Glitch That Makes You Undetectable

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There is now a Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain hack that lets you easily get a S-Rank in missions as you?ll no longer have to deal with enemies at all. All you need is a vehicle and a lot of smoke grenades and you?ll be undetected by enemies wherever you go, well that?s how the MGS5 TPP glitch looks to do. Here?s how what he did:

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Hack

  1. Deploy on a mission with a jeep and a smoke grenade.
  2. Throw a smoke grenade inside your jeep.
  3. Your jeep will emit the trail of smoke grenade at the rear of your automobile. The front and sides of jeep vehicle will still be exposed, however, you?ll still remain undetected.
  4. If you exit from your vehicle, throw smoke grenades again inside to remain being rendered invisible.

The glitch looks stupendously humorous because you?re enemies will panic as you drive past them. You can check-out how it looks like and how to do it in the video below. The short 4 minute YouTube video showing the glitch has already been fast-forwarded so you don?t have to worry about the video feeling dragging.

Earning an S-Rank will be a piece of cake with this glitch. Not only will you be able to remain undetected and speed through the mission, you can easily bag all the bonus scores such as no retries, kills, and reflex mode. The video has been only uploaded this September 20 and there hasn?t been any MGS5 TPP update so you might still be able to take advantage of this glitch.

We have yet to test this glitch if it truly works. A writer from Eurogamer, however, has already seen similar videos and he asserts that this might be?a legitimate glitch in the game. We will try the glitch later and update this article to see if it works. We?ll also test the smoke glitch for different kinds of vehicles such as trucks and tanks.


We have tried the MGSV TPP glitch using the same jeep in the video and it didn’t always work. If you still want to try it out, make sure that you have upgraded you smoke grenade to prolong the effect of the glitch.

If you want to get more tips to help you S-Rank missions, you can check our cardboard box tips and tricks ?as well as our beginner?s guide. Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain is now available for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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