?Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain? Gameplay For Online: Character Classes, Buddy Link System Explained

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You saw the livestream at TGS and you got more excited, now here?s the detailed info we got from it to make your MGS5 experience more dynamic:

Everyone is still probably playing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and is still hooked on it, but if you are looking for more action with or against other players and the FOB side missions makes you feel restricted, then you should wait for Metal Gear Online to be ready by next month. At the Tokyo Game Show, a livestream session took place yesterday showing real gameplay footage for the online multiplayer matches of Metal Gear Online, now a new trailer has sprung up on Konami?s official YouTube channel explaining the game modes and other features that you should look forward to.

The 11-minute trailer shows that you can still create a new avatar prior to the one you created in the Phantom Pain early in the game, then you will be introduced to three different classes that you can play as in Metal Gear Online, the Infiltrator class can sneak behind enemies (aka these are your stealth specialists) and do interrogations on them to reveal intel of their enemies by extracting their locations. The Scout class is good on both in combat and support, they are the expert in long distance combat and great in spotting enemies, and finally the Enforcer class is your all-around class where they excel in combat, good in mid-range weapons and can last longer.

There will be different kinds of game modes, on this demo the Bounty Hunter mode is more of a team deathmatch where each team must deplete the points of the opposing team to win, but with an added twist, every time you defeat an enemy, you earn bounty points, the higher the point, the bigger the threat you will become. However if someone tries to stun you and make a Fulton on your character and gets you captured, once that happens, the bounty points will be added to the opposing team?s team points. The demo also showing the new Buddy Link system, what the system do is that whenever you salute a teammate (by pressing R3), you get tagged with a teammate where both of you can share intel with each other; any tagged opponents will also register to your character and when you tagged buddy needs help, you can detect it to respond immediately.

Metal Gear Online will be available for free to those who purchased Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and will be open on October 6.

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