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‘Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain? Gameplay Features Of Cardboard Box You Didn?t Know You Can Do: Fast Travel, Sliding, Shielding, And More

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There are tons of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain gameplay features that you can easily miss on doing. The cardboard box alone has numerous features such as fast travel, the ability to use it to slide down from mountains, and more. These are the things you can do with your cardboard box in MGS5 TPP and how you can do them.

Fast Travel

Ever wanted to travel quickly from one place to another? You don?t need to go back to your chopper or spend long minutes travelling on-land. You just need your cardboard box (CB) and it?ll only take a quick loading screen.

There are orange colored platforms on enemy outposts. Approach the signposts on each platform so you can fast travel to them. To fast travel, equip your CB, choose a destination, and the loading screen will pop and you?ll hear a vehicle pick you up. After this, you?ll be dropped immediately to your desired area. If you need more details on how to do this, check the video below.

Slide Down?Hills

Travel down from mountain slopes with style. Equip your CB and start sprinting, then push the dive button . You can see how amusing it is and how faster you can travel with your CB in the video below.

Shield From Gunfire

Do you miss the durable red barrel from MGS4?? Punished ?Venom? Snake?s CB holds its own against the barrel as it can also shield you against enemy gunfire. The vehicle icon will flash on the screen whenever you get hit, meaning your CB shields you from gunfire.

The CB obviously won?t be able to soak up much damage and it?ll get broken eventually, but you?ll have more than one CB whenever you go out. You can also upgrade the durability of your box so it can soak more damage.

Dive Past Enemies

Got spotted by an enemy while wearing your trusty CB? Don?t fret. While enemies are weirded out that there?s a CB in the middle of nowhere, you can dive out of your CB to escape from the enemy.

Fool Enemy Soldiers

There are numerous posters on mother base and on enemy outposts. Each poster has a different effect on the enemy. Posters that need to be activated while you?re standing up requires you to immediately CQC your enemy so you don?t get detected. For posters that need to be activated while you?re lying down, you can just leave your CB and crawl away from the enemy.

Do you know more uses for the CB? You can also check our MGS5 Tips and tricks for beginners who feel overwhelmed by the game?s features. You can also check our article that tackles the numerous references in the hospital scene that you might have missed. MGS5 is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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