Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Ending: ?There Is A Blank Space? Says Kojima, New Nuclear Disarment Ending

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The Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ending was panned by countless fans and critics as it was considered to be an uninspired?way to end the franchise. Numerous MGS5 TPP players have sought after the game?s true ending just to seek closure, but creator Hideo Kojima actually wants long-time fans to leave it all behind.

?No matter how popular a series is, someday the end will come,? Kojima said?after an?official MGS5 novel?was recently released, a Reddit user translated Kojima?s words, Gamingbolt reported. ?However, that is by no means a parting. Even if you can?t touch it, you can feel the influence of that story.?

Kojima said?people must learn to leave say ‘goodbye’ as parting with their beloved hero doesn?t mean that his legacy will no longer continue. ?As long as stories and legends are desired, they will continue forever. The brilliance will never vanish. It?s in everyone?s heart. It is not always true that saying ?goodbye to a hero? ignites a phantom pain. By saying ?goodbye to a hero?, you can for eternity leave behind joy as a blank space.?

?There is a blank space, but it will not be filled. In that blank space there is always a hero. Because there is a blank space, you can advance ahead. It is this blank space exactly that is ?V?.?

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Ending (Chapter 2 Spoilers)

Users have previously datamined MGS5 TPP and uncovered a nuclear disarmament cutscene which no one has legitimately gotten in the game yet. A new version of the nuclear disarmament cutscene has now surfaced with both Quiet and Metal Gear Sahelanthropus included in the cutscene, Gamingbolt reported. This means that this cutscene can be acquired before these figures leave your Mother Base.

Quiet actually leaves Mother Base after a certain point in Chapter 2, then permanently exits Diamond Dogs permanently after you complete Mission 45. Meanwhile, Sahelanthropus can be seen inside your MB upon finishing chapter 1, then leaves MB after it gets stolen by Eli and the other child soldiers. This newly released video means that players might be able to unlock the nuclear disarmament cutscene without finishing the game.

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