Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Ending: More Proof Why The Finale Will Be Patched-In Like FOB Insurance

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Pieces of evidence has emerged hinting that the Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ending and even chapter 3 might be made available via an update. A Reddit user has found a briefing dialogue that hints in the player embarking in (the removed) Mission 51: Kingdom of the Flies. Meanwhile, two newly discovered cassette tapes revealed non-existent features. (Spoilers below)

Mission 51: Kingdom Of The Flies

The MGSV TPP Collector?s Edition contains a blu-ray disc that details everything mission 51 could have provided players including an epic fight against Sahelanthropus being manned by Eli. Courtesy of? Geeksnack, Reddit user MGRGXY data mined ?a briefing dialogue detailing that the abducted chopper pilot has already been found and the search team is now close to finding Eli. MGRGXY clarifies that while this is the exact same conversation found in the collector?s edition video, the proper sound effect for tapes is included in the data mined dialogue.

Battle Gear

The Battle Gear is not usable in the game and it can only be sent in certain combat deployment missions. Courtesy of Gamingbolt, Reddit user NoolanD found a cassette tape discussing how players can use the Battle Gear during missions. The tape even hints that the Battle Gear is customizable like D-Walker.

?The Battle Gear is an armored weapon developed to take on hostile bipedal weapon systems. You can alter its maneuverability by changing its posture. In travel mode, it?s as nimble as a horse. Whereas in fire mode, you can move while keeping an eye on the area in front of you. It?s armed with a railgun and a heavy machinegun. If you like, we can look into adding other weapons too.?

Enemy Guard Dogs

D-Dog is a useful buddy for scouting all nearby enemies. However, enemy teams may also have companion dogs to help them detect intruders. In a newly found cassette tape by NoolanD, Kaz warns Venom Snake against guard dogs:

?It?s a guard dog, don?t get too close. Wouldn?t want it to start barking. Dog?s sense of smell is better than ours. And so is their night vision. Don?t take any chances.?

Hope For Ending And More Features

So why is there hope for Konami to patch-in the ending and these features in the future? The FOB Insurance dialogue between Kaz and Venom Snake was always supposed to be included in MGSV TPP despite the FOB Insurance only being made available via the version 1.04 update released last week, Gamingbolt reported.

Are you still hopeful that Konami will release the Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ending? Will Konami provide these new features in the future? MGS5 TPP is available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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