Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Ending Might Be Patched, True Conclusion Only Made Available Once People Naturally Unearth Requirements?

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Gamers felt betrayed when they found out that the Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ending was not included in the game and there was supposed to be a chapter 3 titled Peace. Fans fell more in despair when Konami recently announced that a MGS5 TPP story DLC was not planned. Recent unearthing by solid MGS fans, however, have provided hope that there is more to see in MGSV TPP than what meets the eye.

Hidden True Ending?

MGS5 heavily references Moby Dick not only by giving the characters the same name from those in the book, but also by making their?names correlate with the personality and ideals of the characters. The Phantom Pain was even first announced as a game?made by Moby Dick Studio which was led by CEO Joakim morgen (anagram for Kojima).

Another interesting link between MGSV and Moby Dick was found by GamesRadar. The first printing of Moby Dick also doesn?t have the essential epilogue and?The Phantom Pain might follow the same path.

The current gen versions of MGSV weighs 27 GB while the PC version only has 22 GB, Reddit user NuclearSnake said on a thread. Some fans believe that Hideo Kojima deliberately removed the files on PC in order to prevent the files from being scavenged.?Once fans have acquired the hidden sequences via legitimate ways on console, the files might be patched back for PC, NuclearSnake?theorized. Here?s how NuclearSnake explained it:

?Originally the PC version of MGSV was slated to be released 2 weeks after the console versions, but then it was reported that the devs worked overtime and were able to release it on September 1st?. I believe that Kojima productions spent that overtime working on removing Chapter 3 files from the PC version.?

Never Be Game Over

NuclearSnake also speculated?that the missing Mission 51 that brings closure to Eli and Venom Snake might still be included in the retail game. He said that it might be a ploy of Kojima to make everyone believe that the game is incomplete. He made this assumption based on the statement on Eli?s shirt ?Never Be Game Over? and the title of mission 51 which is ?Kingdom of the Flies?.

?The name ?Kingdom of the Flies? is clearly a reference to the book Lord of the Flies, so now think of the jacket the Eli wears. It says ?Never be Game Over? and has a picture of a pigs head on it? Eli?s jacket is clearly saying that ?The Kingdom of the Flies? ending will ?Never be Game Over?, as in it would never have been the ending.?

What do you think of these theories? Do you believe Kojima really planned all of these just to hide the Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ending?

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