Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain Ending: Hideo Kojima Posts 3 Cryptic Tweets Of Chapter 3? Here?s Our Proof!

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While there is still no concrete proof that a true Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ending will ever be released, creator Hideo Kojima has slyly dropped hints on Twitter that a chapter 3 might still see the light of day. Or maybe Kojima is just ingeniously trolling?his fans? Here are the MGS5 Chapter 3 hints Kojima dropped on Twitter.

Chapter 3: Peace

Kojima seems to be toying with the feelings of fans as he unloaded a total of three Chapter 3 references on Twitter within a single day. Kojima started with a Tweet about a Star Wars newspaper volume 3. He then mentioned a lack of season 3 for probably one of his favorite TV shows. His last Tweet for the day was about him watching True Detective season two episode three.

Connection With MGSV TPP

There?s more than what meets the eye in the hints dropped by Kojima as the number 3 isn?t the only thing linking his hints with the Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain ending. Upon close inspection of the Star Wars tweet, you can see that C3P0 has a red bionic arm similar to what Venom Snake has, Gamingbolt?reported. In the True Detective Tweet, Kojima mentioned Rachel McAdams smoking e-cigarettes, something that Venom snake also does.

As of the moment, we haven?t spotted any connection of The Killing show with MGS5 TPP. Maybe it has something to do with the shows? story? Or maybe Kojima merely used a TV show because MGSV TPP also feels like an episodic series?

Since Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain released in September, more and more hints have appeared that both Chapter 3 and Mission 51 might be released in an update. Will unlocking the nuclear deterrence ending pave the way for missing mission and chapter to be unlocked? Or is the game really just like Moby Dick which also had no epilogue when it was first released?

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