Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain: Demon Snake Guide On How To Acquire Or Undo The Transformation

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In Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain, Big Boss can transform into Demon Snake, a state where he can?t wash the blood off his face and the shrapnel on his head grows longer. This is actually a hidden karma system in the game because you can transform into Demon Snake by doing immoral acts or prevent/undo it from happening by doing acts of heroism. Here is our guide on how to acquire or undo this transformation.

How To Transform Into Demon Snake

If you don?t want to transform into Demon Snake, you should be more wary during missions, side ops, and free roam mode because you may accidentally acquire the transformation. Each immoral acts have varying values that will make?transform into Venom Snake?s demonic state. Reaching a total of 50,000 value Demon Value will make you transform into his demonic state. Here is the Demonic Value for each immoral acts according to IGN:

  • Burning an enemy to death: 120DV
  • Burning a prisoner or hostage to death: 180-200DV
  • Killing prisoners: 100DV
  • Critically harming buddies: 150 DV
  • Killing wounded enemies: 120 DV
  • Killing Diamond Dogs: 180 DV
  • Crashing your support chopper: 150 DV
  • Killing animals with fire: 40 DV
  • Developing nukes: 50,000 DV

If you want to easily transform into the demonic state, just develop a nuclear weapon. Developing nukes, however, is costly and take long to finish as it requires 750,000 GMP, 75,000 Fuel Resources, 50,000 Minor Metals, and it takes a total of 27 hours of development time. You can start developing nukes once you finish chapter 1.

How To Prevent Or Undo Demon Snake

Doing acts of heroism will not only lessen your DV, it will also help you prevent turning into this demonic state as it ups the threshold for transformation to 80,000> 110,000> 140,000> 170,000, Ign stated. These are the values for doing heroic deeds courtesy of IGN:

  • Visit your animal conservation platform in Mother Base: 300
  • Earn achievements for boosting your relationship with buddies: 5,000- 10,000
  • Dispose of a nuclear weapon: 1,000
  • Dispose of 10 nuclear weapons: 30,000
  • Extract child soldiers: 240
  • Extract VIPs or Diamond Dogs: 120

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain is available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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