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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Ending Predicted Years Ago,Theories And Rumors Were True [Spoilers]

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Konami and Kojima Productions has been tight-lipped on details about the story, however, fans seemingly predicted the Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom ending since 2013. Maybe Konami shouldn?t have released footage from the MGS5 TPP hospital scene before? [Spoilers Below]

Ishmael?s role in the story seemed mysterious not only because the bandage covering his face disguises his real identity, he also uses a codename. Furthermore, Ishmael also unexpectedly disappears after the car they?re riding crashes. This has led many to believe that Ishmael is not merely a character made by Kojima to introduce the player to the basic gameplay mechanics.

Here are all the rumors that came out including the MGS5 Ending theory that became true.

A Mere Imagination

A portion of The Phantom Pain?s hospital sequence has been released since 2013 and numerous fans on Reddit have speculated that Big Boss/ aka Venom ?Punished? Snake is merely imagining the existence of Ishmael. According to them, Big Boss and Ishmael is the same person and Snake merely created him in his head as a motivator to help him get back on his feet.

Multiple Personality Disorder?

This fan theory below supported the claims and added that the helicopter crash may have caused Venom Snake to suffer from multiple personality disorder. He argued that other people have also suffered from personality disorder after they badly got hid on the head or suffered from pieces of shrapnel penetrating their head.

This article?from Reality of Life in Afghanistan shows real people suffering traumatic injury which left them to lose not only their memory but also their skills in speaking and comprehending certain languages. During MSG5, if you interrogate a soldier in Afghanistan, Ocelot tells Punished Snake he won?t understand what the soldier is saying as Big Boss has lost his ability to understand the Russian language because of the injuries he sustained.

The Real Big Boss Is Ahab?

Numerous people online have said that the real Big Boss is Ahab as they argue that Kojima wouldn?t hide the character?s face in bandage without a reason. They also said that Ahab performs like a great soldier and is similarly as skilled as Big Boss. Fans are saying this rumor is highly possible as they claimed that the Keifer Sutherland is doing the voice acting for both Ishmael. They claim that players will actually be controlling The Medic who was fooled into thinking that we has Big Boss.

Personal Insight

For me, before I found out the real story, the rumor that Ishmael is purely an imagination seemed far-fetched as he can actually be seen fending-off enemies in the hospital scene. Ishmael actually defends Punished Snake from Quiet as he throws several chemicals to put her on fire. Ishmael also killed several soldiers with his gun and even drove the ambulance to rescue Snake from ?The Man on Fire?. The latter rumor seemed a bit bizarre, however, it looked quite possible because the MGS series has been well known for making numerous clones out of Big Boss.

Incoming Major Ending Spoiler For The Phantom Pain

According to the Metal Gear Wikia, Ishmael ?is later revealed that he is actually Big Boss?. This means that users will be controlling an amnesiac (The Medic) who was led to believe that he was another person. This was done to help protect ?the true Big Boss while exponentially spreading his legend on a wider scale,? the wiki said. ?He became known as the ?phantom? of Big Boss forming a nation without borders inhabited by and made for soldiers, preferring to build a military stronghold instead. ?

According to this thread, ?phantom? or the fake Big Boss made an Outer Heaven base in Africa while the real Big Boss created a base in Zanzibar. This Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain ending sets-up an interesting follow-up if ever Konami decides to do a MGS6 as according to the thread, Solid Snake fights the real Big Boss in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

What do you think? Was your assumption proven true? Is this the real ending? Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is now available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. You can check-out our articles to see the numerous Easter eggs and references of Hideo Kojima that you might have missed.

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