Metal Gear Shadow Moses Remake Download Now Available! Relive The First Game With David Hayter In VR Museum

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Metal Gear Shadow Moses

Recently, the Metal Gear Shadow Moses indie developers successfully finished ?The Fan Legacy: Metal Gear Solid? game. The first part of the VR Museum game has been released and features fan-made Metal Gear Solid remake models and a David Hayter interview. Here?s what we know so far about this Metal Gear Shadow Moses Museum.

Download Link

According to the Shadow Moses Facebook page, the first part of ?The Fan Legacy: MGS? VR Museum game is already ready for download on MEGA. The Museum contains high-definition Metal Gear Solid statues of notable characters, fan art, and unique David Hayter voice work. Players can also see Shadow Moses? fan work of Metal Gear visuals.

The Best is Yet To Come

This release is only the first part of the Metal Gear Shadow Moses VR Museum. Shadow Moses has promised to release the next part of the ?The Fan Legacy: MGS? in the coming weeks. If you liked what you?ve seen so far, the next parts will surely be a treat.

Metal Gear Shadow Moses so far

Previously, Shadow Moses aimed to make a Metal Gear Solid 1 Remake using Unreal Engine. They?ve contacted Konami to get permission, but the company declined. Shadow Moses had to stop production to avoid legal troubles with Konami. Similar to the Metal Gear Shadow Moses remake, Shadow Moses created ?The Fan Legacy: MGS? VR Museum for their fellow fans. As long as ?The Fan Legacy: MGS? doesn?t aim to make a profit out of the game, Metal Gear?s owners, Konami, may not issue another copyright strike against it.

The Metal Gear entry will be Konami?s Metal Gear Survive. Since Hideo Kojima is already out of Konami, fans are worried if Konami will deliver the same Metal Gear experience in their upcoming release. Based on the Metal Gear Survive trailer and gameplay showcase, the game seems to mostly lean to a multiplayer action experience rather than a game with deep dialogue and lore.

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