Metal Gear Online Phantom Pain Review Compilation: What Critics Really Think

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The third Metal Gear Online has arrived and here are some of the impressions from the different game media.

Metal Gear Online is now available for those who purchased Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the online player versus player game features three game modes. We checked out what the other game media will say about the online game and is it worth to download it if you have a copy of The Phantom Pain.


While it’s not wholly the fault of the designers, Metal Gear Online doesn’t do a great job of facilitating objective play, as the whole thing is kind of a laissez faire situation. That both excites and concerns me. On one hand, I love that MGO is just as vague as Phantom Pain. Instead of spelling out every facet for players, you’ll have to just figure out everything on your own, from advanced tactics to the best way to counter enemies. On the other, I’m not confident in Konami’s ability to effectively police and update the game in the slightest.


Metal Gear Solid V did not need a multiplayer mode. That much is obvious from both the quality of the main game and the first few hours playing Metal Gear Online. But while there?s been suspicion that The Phantom Pain?s weak final act could have been avoided if effort hadn?t been expended on the multiplayer, they were actually made by two different teams. So that means Metal Gear Online hasn?t adversely affected the single-player, but it also hasn?t done anything to complement or enhance it.


It’s a dynamic, fine-tuned experience I didn’t expect from a property so focused on single player. The character progression is appealing, and the maps are well designed. But the most attractive thing about Metal Gear Online is the wealth of ridiculous situations, and absurd results, ready to be used against an unwitting attacker meters outside of the evac zone.

So what do you think of Metal Gear Online? If you have tried the game and want to share something about it, be sure to leave a comment below.

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