Metal Gear Online Download File Unavailable, Konami Continues Rollout For All Regions

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You aren?t the only one unable to download Metal Gear Online ? the free multiplayer competitive component of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain. The Metal Gear Online servers already went live yesterday once update 1.04 rolled-out for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. Thousands of users, however, are still unable to download the file on both the Xbox and PlayStation store.

Konami has acknowledged that Metal Gear Online has yet to be made available in all regions. According to the official MGO twitter account, they are continually upping the download file. They said that they are unable to specify what time the update will roll-out for each region.

According to Destructoid, one of the culprits why MGO isn?t available yet is the old procedures of the PlayStation Network. The PSN only makes new games and add-ons available once the network itself updates, the report said. This has severely impacted the release of MGO because the update file for MGO is coursed through PSN.


The download file for MGO has now been made available in North America.

Day 1 Edition And Collector?s Edition Issues

Konami has also noted that MGO is unavailable for those who got the MGSV: TPP collector?s edition. They noted that they are already trying to solve the problem.

They noted that once the file has been made available, both collector?s edition and Day One edition owners will be able to get exclusive items. ?The download codes within the main game?s packaging can now be used, giving users access to the gold WU S, Pistol and AM MRS-4 weapons, and XP Boost and a Metal Gear Rex Helmet. Day One edition owners can also access their XP Boost content.


Meanwhile, for all of those who have gotten their hands on the new mode, Konami has acknowledged issues plaguing users and they have advised the following to help provide a better gaming experience.

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