”Metal Gear 5 Ground Zeroes’ Too Short. Is It Worth Getting?

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Metal Gear 5 Ground Zeroes have been around for a couple of weeks and it is no surprise that it was well received by gamers and critics. However, there are some people who aren?t too pleased to find out that the game?s main story can last at, roughly, 2 hours. Is this a joke? No. The game, indeed, is relatively short. Too short for some gamers? standards.

We can see what we expect from any Metal Gear game from Metal Gear 5 Ground Zeroes. It has the exceptional graphics and gripping storyline. The cut scenes are nothing short of epic and everything seem well placed. It is the game all Metal Gear fans have been waiting for, or one of the games, as it is a prologue to Metal Gear 5: Phantom Pain.

The only catch, though not necessarily bad, is the main story ends too quickly. You can finish the main story within an hour or two. Much faster if you are on your second or third playthrough. This may or may not be a deal breaker for some consumers. After the credit roll, you will have the freedom to roam around the open world and do nifty experiments, but will this appeal to everybody? Not much.

But you really can?t deny the fact the ?Metal Gear 5 Ground Zeroes? is a solid-gold game in its own right. Even with the premature conclusion of its main story. After all, it is just a precursor for the major iteration Phantom Pain. Kojima stated himself that this game is just something that will fill gamers? times while they are waiting for Phantom Pain.

With the bunch of side missions you get after clearing the main storyline, it?s not that bad at all. This gives players more ?freedom? in exploring the game?s potential and more so, things that they can expect with Phantom Pain and more.

If you will see how much work is done with the game, you won?t be saying that it was just another ?rushed up? game to fill in gaps. There was a lot of effort put into developing Metal Gear 5 Ground Zeroes which contradicts what the naysayers state about it.

With the price tag of $40, it?s ?not a bad deal at all. If you consider yourself a true fan of the series, getting it is not a question at all. If you?re a new comer in the series, it is a good introduction to the series and you will be left with the urge to get the other titles.


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