Melania Trump Bio Fake? Incoming First Lady Didn?t Finish College?

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Melania Trump Bio

Melania Trump Bio fake? As it turns out, Donald Trump isn?t the only one that?s facing embarrassing controversies right now. Despite being quiet, his wife Melania managed to generate a buzz within the media.

The soon-to-be first lady Melania is a former model and now a jewelry designer. All things considered, Melania isn?t just beautiful but well-educated as well. According to her website, she holds a design and architecture degree in Slovenia.

As a result, people commend her for finishing her degree despite being a model at a very young age. Furthermore, Melania?s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Although compared to her husband, hers might not be that much.

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Melania Trump Bio

All in all, her beauty and achievements make her the complete package. However, some information from her past doesn?t seem to be similar to the ones provided on her website. According to Huffington Post Melania didn?t complete the architecture degree.

Melania Trump Bio Fake?: What The Slovenian Journalists Has To Say

In fact, she was a college drop out right after her freshman year. Furthermore, two Slovenian journalists wrote a biography for Melania. According to them, Melania remained a college dropout prior to leaving the University.

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What Her College Professor Has To Say

According to Blaz Matija Vogelnik, he can confirm that Melania did not complete?her course at the University. Professor Vogelnik was Melania?s professor during her university days. That being said, these numerous discoveries led some critics to question her credibility.

At the present time, rumors suggest that her Bio and resume are fake. In addition, it appears that the soon-to-be Flotus Melania Trump also copied her speech from First Lady Michelle Obama.

As can be seen above, Melania?s speech does have obvious similarities to Michelle?s speech back in 2008. Thanks to the side-by-side video, many people are now calling it plagiarism. Her talking about the value of hard work made the similarities more striking.

All things considered, both Melania and her husband Donald are in a bad position. Thanks to Melania Trump?s bio being rumored to be fake, some people now think of her less.

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