Mega Man X Collection Coming Soon? Capcom Confirms More Remasters

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To the surprise of absolutely no gamer, Capcom has confirmed more remasters. The company recently made remasters a big part of their scheduled releases, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Remasters from the company have included Resident Evil 4, 5 and 6, along with the Dead Rising games. Could the company finally do the same with a Mega Man X collection?

Capcom has been ignoring the blue bomber for quite sometime. Fans thought that the recent Mega Man anniversary collection would fix that, but that wasn’t the case. With Mighty No. 9 proving to be a dud, fans would love to see a classic collection of Mega Man games.

Remaster Plans

According to Tech Raptor, more remasters will be released to increase the name value of Capcom?s brands. This will be similar to the recent Dead Rising and Resident Evil remasters. Furthermore, the company will also focus on big name games. This is probably why Resident Evil 7 has received a ton of hype.

The article doesn’t mention what other games will get remastered though. It’s an odd move, but this also opens up possibilities on what the company could release. Here is hoping the company shows interest in a Mega Man X collection.

What Else Aside From Mega Man?

Capcom has a number of big name games, so the possibilities are endless. The company could crank out an HD remaster of Viewtiful Joe and it’s sequel. There is also the underrated Okami, which received an HD release on PS3 and should get one for current-gen consoles. Darkstalkers, Street Fighter and Devil May Cry are also good options.

However, the demand for new Mega Man games should make Capcom consider an HD collection for Mega Man X. The ?Blue Bomber? is getting a new animated series soon, so the company might want to capitalize on that momentum boost.

Will we see a Mega Man X collection? It’s not impossible given Capcom’s remaster tactics. The fact that the original Mega Man games got a collection is proof of that. Fans interested in Capcom’s remasters can pick up Resident Evil 4 to 6, along with the Dead Rising Triple Pack.

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