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?Mega Man Legacy Collection? Now Available: Get The Best Of The 25-Year Old 8-Bit Game In Rare Collection

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If you don?t know who Mega Man is, you are missing a big portion of your gaming life.

The Blue Bomber is back and is getting a Legacy Collection treatment to relive some of his best 8-bit Megaman games, meaning all of the first six Megaman games are in the collection as a tribute to the original NES games. This is the franchise that inspired many indie game developers to launch their pixelart side-scrollers.

Now if you?re too young to even remember who Mega Man is, well here?s your chance to try one of the best side-scrolling action games of the 8-bit era. Aside from the six games included in the collection, there are also some cool features included as well.

The game will include a database that shows enemy description in each game, including the robot masters, and along that their weapon weaknesses. Heck, you can even do a practice match against any Robot Masters before actually tackling the full game.

The Legacy Collection also includes a Museum mode where you can check out the concept works, production art and some unreleased sketches from the different Megaman games. There is also a music player to relive some of the classic tunes from all six of the NES Megaman games, and it?s a whopping 100+ tracks included in the collection.

Aside from the visual and audio collections, the game will have the Challenge mode where you can take over 50 kinds of challenges to accomplish in a time attack format, with leaderboard support and video replay features for you to brag about those almost impossible challenges.

And if you are wondering why Capcom left out the SNES Megaman 7 and PlayStation?s Megaman 8, Digital Eclipse; the team that handled the Legacy Collection uses a new game engine that can run older games without actually emulating an older game console into the newer ones, since their engine can only run on NES games, the other two games were left out as a result. Hopefully they could release the two games in the current gen consoles and PC soon even if they are in separate titles.

Megaman Legacy Collection is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and coming soon on the 3DS

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