Mega Man 10 Blasts It’s Way Onto XBLA Today

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**Just a quickie, for those of you on the Playstation Network and Wii Ware Shop, you already know how to get it on those platforms.**

Today is all about Mega Man 10?s appearance on your nearest Xbox Live! Arcade Marketplace. The game will run you 800 MSP ($10), along with the information I received today, I get word on more available downloadable content coming down the pipe.

The following DLC will be coming to a console of your choice and is as follows.

Bass (Playable Character) = $1.99 USD/200 Wii Points/ 160 Microsoft Points and
Special Stage 1 (includes Enker) = $$.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points.
4/5 – Wii
4/7 ? Xbox 360
4/8 ? Playstation 3

Endless Attack =$2.99 USD /300 Wii Points/ 240 Microsoft Points,
Special Stage 2 (Punk), Special Stage 3 (Ballade) = $.99 USD /100 Wii Points/ 80 Microsoft Points.

4/26 – Wii
4/28 ? Xbox 360
4/29 ? Playstation 3

Now the only thing left for you to do is BUY IT or TRY IT.

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