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Mega Man 1-6 News, Price & Release Date: Game Coming To iOS & Android Devices

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Mega Man 1-6

Mega Man fans are going to be delighted as Mega Man 1-6 is going to hit Android and iOS devices in January. The mobile division of the famous Japanese video game publisher Capcom?has announced that they will port the original six games for mobile devices via Twitter. However, Capcom didn?t reveal additional details.

Mega Man 1-6 Coming To iOS & Android Devices

Capcom Mobile also made an invitation alongside their announcement. The invitation is for pre-registering to get the games. In addition, it is presumed that it will give further details about the games before its official launch.

Furthermore, it is still unclear whether these games will be released individually or as a bundle. All of the games mentioned by Capcom Mobile have already featured in a single bundle release named Mega Man Legacy Collection.

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The already established bundle is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, 3DS, and PC at the present time. If the announcement was just for a mobile port of the Legacy Collection, people should expect more content such as a gallery and a challenge mode.

Use Bluetooth Controller In Mega Man 1-6 (Optional)

Mega Man 1-6

Players may want to grab a Bluetooth controller if they?re planning to play all of the six games on their smartphones. Mega Man 1-6 is known for their tight controls in addition to grueling difficulty. Hence, playing any of the games using touchscreen controls is going to make the game more difficult to the point where they?re impossible to beat.

Mega Man 1-6 Price

It will be interesting to see if Capcom is making a change to their iOS and Android game?s pricing. Game publishers have been charging quite high for their mobile game ports recently. Charging $15 for a game on a mobile device might be too much.

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Apparently, another video game publisher called Square Enix have been getting away with charging $15 for a single Final Fantasy game for a while now. Hence, it is expected that Capcom would follow the same price for six Mega Man games.

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On the other hand, people will just have to wait for further details at the present time. For more Mega Man 1-6 news and updates, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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