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Super Mario Run Live Action: How Super Mario Looks Like In The Real World

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run is the fastest growing game app of all time. Fans celebrated their holidays in the most exciting manner. They recreated the game in real life. YouTube Superstar Devin Super Tramp took Super Mario Run to the Streets.

Devin Super Tramp, who is best known for his ultra HD parkour videos, has created the magic of Super Mario run in real life. Super Mario starts with a rendezvous with the Princess. Unfortunately, the villains of the game kidnaps her and takes her to the castle.

Real Super Mario

The video featured a real life Mario impersonator who jumps, runs and rolls just to save his Princess from a gang of Shy Guys. It?is a perfect blend of humor and Nintendo?s flagship game. The video completely mirrors the similarities of the game including the constant internet connection, as per DigitalTrends.

Devin Super Tramp?s Super Mario video is full of Nintendo essence. Right from Mario Kart, collecting games, finding out shortcuts to the tragic death of Luigi, the video reminds players of the beautiful memories from the game. It?s like playing the entire game in just 5 minutes.

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super mario run

Popularity of Super Mario Run

Super Mario is probably the?most popular game of all time. It is the third character for which Nintendo opted to license after Pokemon GO and Miitomo. But unlike the previous characters, Nintendo developed Super Mario itself. Super Mario Brothers’?original designer, Takashi Tezuku, designed the game himself.

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Super Mario is the best game to cheer up your holidays. Nintendo encouraged the festive spirit with inclusion of holiday elements like a sparkly snow globe and a sparkly Christmas tree among others.?Watch the adorable video here.

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