Meet Tamagotchi Friends: Your New and Improved Virtual Pet that Lets You Do Anything

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Tamagotchi is a handheld virtual pet toy that made waves in the 90s among the kids and adults. Fast forward to present, the company behind this cool Japanese toy is releasing a new version to become your newest virtual best friend. Tamagotchi Friends, priced at $19.99, needs your help to survive and lets you do everything you wish. You can feed, potty train, bathe him, until he becomes a healthy full ? grown adult.

From Virtual Pet, to Virtual Human

Tamagotchi showcased its new device this week at the 2014 International American Toy Fair. The Tamagotchi Friends will give children the chance to raise a virtual baby into an adult. The product has already been launched in Europe and will arrive in the U.S in fall.

Since the toy?s launch 17 years ago, Tamagotchi has sold more than 80 million units. The core of this virtual pet toy has always been about taking care of a virtual pet. However, the transformation from a virtual toy to a virtual human is something new both for the consumers and the company.

Looks the Same, but with Better Features


The new device looks like the previous mdoels, especially the old ? school graphics and hardware. The only difference is the new technology it brings to consumers. When you tap two Tamagotchi Friends toys on each other, users can send virtual gifts or text messages. It is not Wi-Fi enabled, but uses sensors for data transfer.

Users can also engage their virtual characters in a playdate, such as a fun day at the park. A Tamagotchi spokesperson said that the main focus of their new device is to nurture and take care of the virtual friends with the joy of playing games and virtual money for a virtual shopping.

New Tamagotchi Apps to Watch Out

Japanese company Tamagotchi is also rolling out an app for Android and iOS on February 26th called the Tamagotchi Life Angel. It plays a huge role in introducing the brand to children and has recorded 3 million downloads since it was launched in 2013. The app uses a song from Joan Jett and the Blackhearts? Unvarnished album entitled Any Weather.

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