MediaTek Brings High – End Features to Low – End Smartphones

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The smartphone that you are planning to buy soon could now be better than the ones you see in the market today and cheaper, too. A new kind of processor is on its way to bring mid ? end smartphones the features that high ? end devices have. ARM is the company behind this new chip technology that will give more value to cheaper devices.

ARM Cortex A17

The Cortex A17 is the 2014 version of the Cortex A9, which can be found in chips like Apple?s A5 (that powers iPhone 4S) and Nvidia?s Tegra 3 (that powers Microsoft Surface and Nexus 7). According to ARM, the Cortex A17 is 60 percent more energy efficient than A9. This means that manufacturers can now integrate more advanced features in cheaper devices with chips based on A17.

Over 250 Million Devices Powered Worldwide

MediaTek is the first one out to work with the Cortex A17 design. Its chips power over 250 million units worldwide. You may not be familiar with this company since it only caters to the low end devices. If ever you have bought a $50 smartphone in India, there is a big chance that yours has the MediaTek processor. Its A17 ? based processor could be the key to finally enter the American market. MediaTek uses a full system ? on ? a ? chip design that is LTE network compatible.

4K Video, Quad HD, High ? Reso Cameras, and Wireless Connectivity

The Cortex A17 design can handle 4K video, Quad HD phone displays, high ? resolution cameras, and wireless connectivity such as bluetooth smart and ANT+. Manufacturers can use this new chip to bring high ? end smartphone features to devices for only $200. With phone subsidies starting to go down, it will no longer be impossible for cheaper smartphones with high ? quality features to be sold to the public.

A17 to Power Mid ? End Smartphones by 2015

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The new architecture of ARM in the form of Cortex A17 is projected to power mid ? range smartphones by 2015. The company also expects Smart TVs to use the same chips next year. For MediaTek, this is a great opportunity for the new chips to break into the U.S market. The company has a plan to make American ? friendly chip designs soon.


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