Media Create Sales For Week 12/1 – 12/7

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Japan is on fire for the holidays. Lots of sales last week and surprisingly, Fallout 3 debuted with 30k in sales for the 360. DBZ for PS2 came in at number 2 with 76k in sales and the DS and Wii dominate the charts as a whole. Winning Eleven 2009 is still moving copies on the PS3 and pushed 42k out the door last week. As for hardware sales, PS3 stayed steady with 30k and the 360 sold about 10k. Nintendo brands are still selling like food and the PSP hung in at number 2 with 54k in sales. Here’s the charts for your perusal:

Model Create Sales

  1. DSi 126,648
  2. PSP 54,782
  3. Wii 56,702
  4. PS3 30,309
  5. DS Lite 12,096
  6. Xbox 360 9,988
  7. PS2 5,743

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