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The Meanest April Fools? Day Prank: Scary ‘The Walking Dead’ Zombie Subway Prank

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Image source YouTube clip, credits to the makers

‘The Walking Dead’ Zombie Subway April Fools? Day?Prank just went too far and is just plain mean

Jokes and pranks always abound especially on April Fools? Day. Some pranks or jokes are funny while some of it is pure brilliance like the one Samsung pulled on its fans, the Galaxy Blade Edge. Another one worth mentioning is the ?Large Hadron Collider discovers The Force?, a reference to the popular movie series Star Wars.

However, pranks can sometimes go too far and might even cause major distress and harm to people, both the victims and the actor/actors. A perfect example for this is the zombie subway prank which is pretty much like ?The Walking Dead? in real life.

?The Walking Dead? Zombie Subway Prank for April Fools? Day, did they went too far with it or just about right?

Source and credits: YouTube

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The prosthetics are almost identical to a real zombie and you can clearly see that the production here is big. They even made a few adjustments on the train they used for this April Fools? Day prank, as you can see on the first minute of the clip.

It?s cool, no doubt about it but they went too far with this prank. The victims are screaming and on a major state of panic and distress. Not just the victims though, at the last part of the clip, the last three victims, you can see there that they are hitting the zombie who is crawling on the ground. The most worrying part of the clip was at the end where one of the victims collapsed out of fear. This perfectly indicates that the prank you are doing has gone too far.

The prank itself is actually quite brilliant and you can clearly see that it is made by professionals with the makeup and zombie acting lesson.

What about you? Do you think they have gone too far with this April Fools? Day prank of Zombie Subway? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image source YouTube clip, credits to the makers

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