Mean Girls 2 Could Happen; Lindsay Lohan Pushes For Movie Remake On Facebook Live Interview

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Mean Girls 2

Lindsay Lohan, one of the stars of the movie Mean Girls, revealed her thoughts about the making of a sequel to the teenage comedy movie. In her Facebook Live interview with CNN, she said that she has been trying so hard to make Mean Girls 2 happen, but the decision is not in her hands.

Mean Girls was full of humor and fun. The movie also offered some mature material and humor related to teenage girls. The movie even portrayed positive characters of all minority students and a differently-abled member of the LGBT community. A sequel of this fun movie is highly expected by the moviegoers.

Lindsay Lohan Revealed her Thoughts for Mean Girls 2

The 30-year-old actress expressed that she is so desperate to make a sequel to the movie. She even said that she wanted to take matters into her own hands. She exclaimed that she wanted to put her thoughts and ideas for the sequel.

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Mean Girls Lindsay lohan

In her interview with CNN through Facebook Live, she stated that, “I have been trying so hard to do a Mean Girls 2. It is not in my hands.? She also added that she knows that the film?s writer, her co-stars and Paramount are very busy with their other projects. But that she will keep forcing it and pushing it to them until they start the sequel.

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She exclaimed that she had written a treatment for it and she just needs a response for her work. She said that she knew the director of the movie, Mark Waters, would happily accept her thoughts and ideas for the sequel movie. She even said that she would love to work with Jamie Lee Curtis and Jimmy Fallon as her co-stars in the movie.

Early in 2016, Mean Girls screenplay writer Tina Fey disclosed that she was working with her husband and composer Jeff Richmond for the Mean Girl‘s sequel. Let?s expect that the wishes of both women will come true and we can see another musical and comedy drama soon.

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