McDonalds All Day Breakfast Is A Big Lie! Other Food Chains Take Advantage Of Lapse

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Golden Arches? McDonalds all day breakfast is now ongoing, however, the popular fast food chain doesn?t live-up to their promise of letting you eat all your favorite morning meals. That?s right. Unless McMuffins, pancakes, and hash browns are the only breakfast meals you like, you might be disappointed.

McDonalds has launched a McDonalds all day breakfast map showing that people in the southeast will mostly munch on biscuits throughout the day, Business Insider reported. Meanwhile, those included in the McMuffin Menu will also be missing out on McGriddles, bagels, and more, the report said.

?Depending on your location, All Day Breakfast will have a limited menu that focuses on either McMuffin or Biscuit items. This decision is made at the local level based on customer preference. And this is just the beginning. McDonald?s will continue to evolve the All Day Breakfast Menu as we receive customer feedback.? –McDonalds

According to CNBC, customers will only be able to eat half of the 24 breakfast items served at the food chain. Worst for breakfast snackers is that 10 percent of restaurants will not serve hash browns. Because of this, numerous people have voiced their complaints on social media.

Even If you don?t care about the breakfast meals at McDonalds and would rather order other things like a McWhopper, you?ll be frustrated by McDonald?s new scheme. Stores are reportedly having trouble in serving meals faster because eggs are taking up extra space in the grill, CNBC reported.

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On the Twitter hashtag #AllDayBreakfast, numerous food chains took jabs at McDonalds to remind everyone that they are also serving all day morning meals. How will Golden Arches respond to these Tweets. Which food chain originated the all day breakfast idea? Which has the most filling and satisfying meals? (Thanks Eonline)

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