MC Koob Returns With Halo Rap

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Those in the know remember MC Koob from his infamous WoW rap, ‘For The Horde‘. He now returns to help keep the Halo hype machine running with a short but sweet Halo rap called ‘Finish The Fight‘. We chatted with him for a few minutes to talk about his new song.

TBb: People love your stuff. I remember when you released those Asheron’s Call raps. Why the Halo song and how come it’s so short?

MCK: There was a lot of hype surrounding the Halo 3 launch and I was like, hmmm…maybe I should get in on this. I only wanted to do something short. I didn’t want to dedicate a lot of time for a Halo rap. So I did 16 bars. It’s kinda like what you would hear on a radio commercial.

TBb: Don’t you think the video game populace, including Halo fans, are sick of all the Halo hype?

MCK: To some extent, yes. Even I’m getting sick of it. Making this rap, however, might make some gamers laugh or cheer. It’s a different side of the hype. I’m not trying to make money or anything, just telling it how it is. I think people will appreciate that.

TBb: When are you going to make some more WoW raps?

MCK: I’m working on a full WoW rap album actually. It will have 6 songs and I’m giving it out for free on the net. Song choice is very important, as well as production and lyrics. I’m taking my time with it and have most of it written. I’m releasing a new single in a week called ‘/gquit’. Then shortly after that I’ll release the WoW album.

TBb: Are you always going to rap about video games or do you do other topics?

MCK: I do other topics. I was out of the rap game for awhile. I started doing video game raps as a way to dust of the mic so to say. I got some new equipment in the process and after the MC Koob album I’m going to release an underground album under my other alias.

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