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?Maze Runner: Scorch Trials? Cast And Release Date: New Environment, Old Cast Reveals Mysterious Characters

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With the second part of the ?Maze Runner? almost showing in the big screens; fans are anxiously looking for a way to indulge their ?Maze Runner? addiction. ?Maze Runner: Scorch Trials? brings back Thomas, Teresa, and the Gladers as their journey get harder and harder while they move forward to a world unknown.

Director Wes Ball talks about how he manages to keep the second part of ?Maze Runner? more exciting than the first one. ?We tried to top ourselves here, especially on the action and the adventure side of things,? he said in an interview with Reuters. ?But (we also tried to) still hold onto the characters, the emotion and all that fun stuff that I think people ultimately connected with in the first one.?

British actress Kaya Scodelario was also asked by Pop Sugar what it was like being the only girl on the set of the last movie and what?s it like having more women around now. ?I never felt like the only girl last year, I felt like just a part of the group,? she said. ?Now we just have more friends, and they?ve come into the group really nicely? they?ve just all kind of mixed really well, and as long as it?s a person you?re excited to work with and it?s nice, then we kind of welcome them with open arms,? Scodelario expressed in an interview with Pop Sugar.

And with a new environment to take on, the British actress had much more difficulty in playing the part of Teresa. ?It?s been sadder to play her this time. She?s very singular and very alone, but I like that. It would have been easy for us to just make her a follower and just make her agree with everything and go along with it. I like that she?s very much separated? As an actor, it?s been a lot lonelier, but I like to play with that.?

Asked what sort of background she could tell the fans, she shared that ?what?s exciting about these movies is that we don?t know everything about these kids. We have to trust them instantly, and we have to like them instantly, and we have to root for them instantly.?

With so much excitement on the set and off the set, you should definitely reserve a date as ?Maze Runner: Scorch Trials? hits the big screens on September 18.

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