Maze Runner 3 Update: Will Dylan O’Brien Recover From Accident In Time For 2018 Release Date?

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Fans already know that the Maze Runner 3 is going to be pushed back to a 2018 premiere as what the producers have announced. However, the real question is, can Dylan O?Brien recover in time to film the movie so it can be released in 2018?

It can be recalled that O?Brien had an on-set accident while filming the third installment of the franchise. The misfortune happened when the trailing vehicle slowed down prematurely causing the actor to lose his balance and fell between two moving vehicles.

As of now, there is still no update about the condition of the actor but given the fact that the release of the movie is moved from February 17, 2017 to January 12, 2018, that should be enough to let O?Brien fully recover, shoot the movie, and release it on time.

Speaking of Maze Runner 3, there are reports stating that it will have a one year time leap from the happenings in its predecessor Scorching Trials. If that would be the case, then the rescue of Minho (Ki Hong Lee) will be skipped.

?This next one will be cool because we?re gonna cut maybe a year later. Yeah, so it?ll be cool. Some things have happened off screen, which is gonna make the movie feel even bigger,? said director Wes Ball in a recent interview with Collider.

With regards to O?Brien?s accident, B.C. Worker Safety Agency blames the filmmakers for what happened to the lead actor. According to their statement, ?When the change was made to the [stunt] sequence, there was no meeting held to review the changes with all involved. The change to the action sequence increased the risk of injury.?

Fox, on the other hand, released their own statement denying all the claims from the agency. The production company noted that all stunt sequence was ?thoroughly rehearsed and successfully completed approximately five times prior to the accident.? Also, they mentioned, a ?safety meeting was held with cast and crew prior to the sequence,? which contradicts the claim that they did not inform O?Brien and the agency. As of now, there is still no update on the case filed by the B.C. Worker Safety Agency against the 20th Century Fox.

How about you? Do you think O?Brien would recover in time? What can you say about the one-year leap in Maze Runner 3? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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