Maze Runner 3 Dylan O’Brien Injury May Take Longer to Heal Than Expected

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The Maze Runner 3 release date has been pushed even further to January 2018 as Dylan O?Brien?s injury may take longer to heal than what was initially expected. However, it is still uncertain whether the target date can still be met considering O?Brien?s condition as the actor might not be able to recover in time for the 2018 schedule.

The third Maze Runner installment called The Death Cure has been originally slated for February 17, 2017 but after O?Brien?s accident, it has been pushed back to January 12, 2018.

As recalled, the 24-year-old actor sustained injuries from a vehicular stunt accident while filming for the post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi film. Sugarscape reports that O?Brien was ?yanked to the ground by his own safety vehicle and dragged under it.? The vehicles involved in the stunt sequence ran in different speeds causing O?Brien to lose his balance and fall between two moving vehicles. He sustained a concussion, facial fracture, and several lacerations from the accident.

The stunt team involved, B.C. Worker Safety Agency, released a statement with regards to the accident, which according to them, was the fault of the filmmakers. ?When the change was made to the [stunt] sequence, there was no meeting held to review the changes with all involved,? they said. ?The change to the action sequence increased the risk of injury.?

Seeing how severe his injuries were, the time for his full recovery is still indefinite. As of now, there are still no updates on his current condition but what we know are updates on the movie itself. There are reports that the third installment will have a one year time leap from the events of Scorch Trials.

Director Wess Ball told Collider, ?This next one will be cool because we?re gonna cut maybe a year later. Yeah, so it?ll be cool. Some things have happened off screen, which is gonna make the movie feel even bigger.? If there will be a time jump, then the film may skip Min Ho?s (Ki Hong Lee) rescue entirely.

Meanwhile, O?Brien, who also stars in the teen supernatural drama Teen Wolf has been confirmed to reprise his role for its sixth season. According to the series? showrunner, his character still remains to be a core part of the show.

Will Dylan O?Brien be able to recover in time for filming and the premiere of Maze Runner 3 this January 2018? Stay tuned for more news and updates here on TheBitbag!

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