Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Fight Prediction: Pretty Boy Floyd Wins By Decision

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Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. Is Set To Face Conor McGregor This August [Image Courtesy Of Forbes]

It looks like the match of the century is no longer the Manny Pacquiao vs.. Floyd Mayweather bout in 2015. Fans are now looking forward to the Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather match next August. The upcoming match between the boxing legend and the MMA superstar has been the talk of the town and sports aficionados are basically begging for the match to finally unfold.

The upcoming match is scheduled on Aug. 26 at the T-Mobile Arena. If the talk between the parties and Ice Cube gets settled, then the match will go off without a hitch. Many sports critics don’t feel the need to watch the match anymore as there’s already an obvious winner in the boxing bout and that is the undefeated champ, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. Mcgregor is challenging Mayweather in a boxing match. Mystic Mac isn’t a stranger to combat sports but let’s face it, Mayweather is the more experienced boxer and he outdoes McGregor in the field tenfold.

Mayweather’s born from a family of boxers and he’s been boxing ever since he was a child. As an amateur, he bagged 84 wins from his 93 amateur fights.

He represented the 56 KG division of boxing in the 1996 Olympics at Atlanta. He managed to get the bronze medal and from then on, he went undefeated in his pro boxing career, winning 49 fights in a row.

His resume alone is enough proof that he’s going to beat McGregor in boxing. The MMA fighter is known for his striking capabilities which include pinpoint accuracy and heavy hands, but that’s not enough for  Floyd who has gotten the sport of boxing down to a science.

Let’s now get to the fighting style of both fighters. McGregor is an aggressive striker and he uses unorthodox striking to his advantage. He can easily find spots to hit and his shots land most of the time. We’ve yet to see just how well McGregor defends from strikes, but in his recent bouts, he is very capable of dodging and countering easily. He has a very durable chin as evident by how he can walk off from the most solid attacks, but he has never been hit by a boxer.

Mayweather isn’t a stranger to fighting against aggressive boxers. His best asset when it comes to the ring is his ability to dodge and block punches. This is the keypoint in why he’s going to win the bout.

As we’ve seen in the fight against Pacquiao, Mayweather can make short work of speedy and aggressive boxers through footwork and his blocking abilities. He counters with a jab most times and although there’s not much power behind it, it scored the points that won the match.

We’re predicting a win by points for Mayweather and as said before, his knowledge of boxing will outdo McGregor’s unorthodox style and heavy hands. McGregor doesn’t have the speed and footwork of Pacquiao, so he might not be able to catch up to Mayweather at all.

McGregor does have a slight 2-inch reach advantage over Mayweather and that might be his only ace. However, reach doesn’t mean much if the boxer’s shoulder blocks come into play.

In terms of power, McGregor does have the hands to knockout MMA fighters but it’s worth noting that they wear 4 lbs. gloves in the sport. In boxing, they’re going to wear gloves that range from 8-16 lbs., which offer more cushion. McGregor’s all too heavy hands might not seem so strong to the decorated boxer after all.

Mayweather might play it safe in this bout and he might not even try to get the knockout win. McGregor’s only shot of winning is with a lucky strike that Mayweather knows he should avoid.

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