Mayweather Psywar tactics use Twitter

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A poster rendition of the “Battle for Greatness”.
A poster rendition of the "Battle for Greatness".

A poster rendition of the “Battle for Greatness”.

Prior to the announcement of what was billed as ?Fight of the Century?, Twitter was rife with pronouncements from both the Pacquiao and Mayweather camps. Now, after the announcement, Twitter is surprisingly quiet on all fronts.

The Past Twitter Messages

One of the most direct insults hurled by the Mayweather camp against Pacquiao was in September 26, 2014, where @FloydMayweather said, ?My new boxing DVD is coming soon and is called ?3 Ways to Sleep?. Back, Face and Butt and I?m Falling & I Can?t Get Up?? This was soon followed by photos of PacMan down on the canvas.

The next tweet came, ?? Miss Pac Man is broke and desperate for a pay day. Your Pay-Per-View numbers are a joke. (Laughing icons).?

PacMan responds

For Pacquiao?s part, Pacquiao reacted the very same day to the Mayweather taunts by saying ?@FloydMayweather?s testimony to the commission on all All Access? authenticity tells me everything I need to know about his desire to fight me.?

He then followed this up with his infamous call out to the Money Man, saying on Twitter, on New Year?s Eve, ?The ball will drop at midnight to usher in 2015. @FloydMayweather let?s not drop the ball on fighting each other next year! #LetsMakeFistory?

This was soon followed up by, ?@FloydMayweather, don?t be a boxing humbug. Let?s give the fans the fight they want. They have waited long enough.?

The Fight is On

The build up to the fight hit its highest after @LaceUpBoxing announced on Twitter back in February 20, 2015, ?Mayweather Official statement: I promised the fans we would get this done, and we did. We will make history on May 2nd. Don?t miss it!?

Now, after the fight has been announced and records are expected to be broken in terms of gate receipts and pay-per-view, the psywar continues. Mayweather continues to harp about how losses stay with the individual. He drumbeats his unbeaten record in 47 fights, saying, ?One thing I do know about any sport is that when you lose, it?s in your mind. If you lose once, it?s on your mind. If you lose twice, it?s in your mind.?

As for Pacquiao, he said, ?I was more worried about De La Hoyo and Cotto than Mayweather.?

Looking forward to see you in the ring!

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