Mayweather has lost fights too

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The past losses of Mayweather haunts him.
The past losses of Mayweather haunts him.

The past losses of Mayweather haunts him.

Floyd Mayweather Jr, now with his scheduled fight with nemesis Manny ?PacMan? Pacquiao billed as the ?Battle for Greatness?, is putting his unblemished professional record of 45 wins on the line. All throughout his proclamations about his record on Twitter and anyone who would listen, it is not totally true and correct. The Money Man has lost fights too.

The Boxer before being ‘The Money Man’

He rose from the amateur ranks, just being able to make the US boxing team in the 1996 US Olympic box offs.? His loss came against Augie Sanchez by a 12 to 11 decision that weighed heavily on him.

After the fight, he said to the Orlando Sentinel, ?I?m through with amateur boxing.?

He was prevailed upon to continue his quest on making the US team for the 1996 Olympics. Due to the Sanchez loss, he was placed in the loser?s bracket. In order to make the team, he would have to beat Carlos Navarro to be able to make the team.

Unfortunately, Navarro had Mayweather?s number. He had beaten the young Mayweather the year before to become a member of the US boxing team to the Pan American games.? This though only provided fuel to drive the future Money Man to push himself to greater heights. In the qualifying bout, he beat Navarro 31 to 11 and then avenged his loss to Sanchez by beating the man twice, 22 to 8 and 20 to 10 to take his place on the team.

The Record of Mayweather as an Amateur

According to Ring Magazine, Mayweather had a storied amateur career, won the National Golden Gloves three times, the first being in 1993. He also had losses in the international boxing scene. He lost in 1995 to Algeria?s Noureddine Medjhoud in the World Championships after he broke his hand during the fight. He also lost in the Atlanta Olympics, winning the bronze medal after losing in the semifinal round.

He lost to Serafim Todorov in the medal rounds, by a 10 to 9 score from the judges.? Even the referee for the fight was dumbfounded, as it was seen that Mayweather connected more punches to Todorov, but the scoring system favored the elderly Bulgarian.

The Portent of who Mayweather would be

To that, the young Mayweather said, ?You know and I know I wasn?t getting hit. They say he?s the world champion. Now you all know who the real world champion is.?

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