Maya & Marty Finale: Will the Show Come Back? Big Guests to Appear, Plus Tom Hanks Outtakes

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The Maya & Marty finale, a music-and-comedy limited series from NBC, is set to air this Tuesday night. For its closing episode, big guests are set to appear and viewers can expect some Tom Hanks outtakes as well.

With the so-called ?Golden Age of Television? setting in, with today?s darker-themed shows, bigger scale, and more character-driven stories, TV variety is said to have been ?long dead.? But Maya & Marty proved in its six-episode limited run that it is still a delightful treat to a huge audience.

The series stars Maya Rudolph and Martin Short and after their limited run, Rudolph expressed to Washington Post how it was a joy doing the series. But she added, ?Doing six in quick succession, we?re fried!?

She added, ?I could perform with Marty for the rest of my life. I don?t feel like it?s over.?

Executive producer Lorna Michaels was asked if they are bidding farewell prematurely after the limited run. ?I don?t think you can do 24 anymore, like they did with ?Laugh-In? and ?Sonny & Cher,?? said Michaels, who was referring to the full-season demands expected with most TV show including variety. ?I think you just burn out the people (doing it), and I don?t think you can sustain its audience.?

The idea for the NBC variety, according to Michaels, was to be a summer treat or ?a pop-up.? And they proved to be quite successful with an average of 4.5 million viewers every week. ?

Who are the big guests appearing in the finale?

Of course, we have Rudolph and Short along with series regular Kenan Thompson. In the finale, they will be joined by Emma Stone and Steve Martin. Short will play as celeb journalist Jiminy Glick who will be sitting down with Kelly Ripa.

Tom Hanks outtakes from ?The Astronaut? sketch

Fans of Hanks should not miss the chance to witness the actor ?barely keep it together,? as CinemaBlend writes, in some outtakes from ?The Astronaut? segment of the NBC variety show. Martin, Short and Hanks will show some incredibly hilarious bloopers while filming for the sketch which proves how even veteran actors like them still get to amuse themselves on the job while making it entertaining for the audience and especially fans.

Catch the Maya & Marty finale this Tuesday night, 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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