Maxis: Senior Designer Needed for New MMO

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The developer of Sims, Maxis, is reportedly looking for a senior designer that will work on their new project. Maxis has been around for a long time, developing games like SimCity, The Sims, and more. According to several sources, Maxis might be working on a new free-to-play MMO.

Once hired, the new senior designer will work on the game?s core systems. He/She will be defining its multiplayer game mechanics, game economies, and technology trees. For those who have rich ideas about MMORPG?s, here?s what you need to possess:

-????????? Applicants must have a deep knowledge and experience about social multiplayer games such as MMO?s.

-????????? Vast understanding of principles of game progression design, crafting trees, technology trees, character RPG-style leveling design and mathematical loot progression modelling (i.e. spreadsheet design skills are also needed)

-????????? Good grasp of simulation game design, including simulation loops, wants and needs driven behavior, and system pushback.

-????????? Knows how to weave Free-to-Play game mechanics with monetization in simple, natural, respectful ways.

-????????? Applicants must be aware of Maxis creativity and simulation games, including SimCity, The Sims, and Spore.

-????????? Knows game mechanics and understands other games in the creativity space, including Little Big Planet, Minecraft and its popular mods, Roblox, Disney Infinity, Project Spark, and other upcoming games with similar features.


Maxis is quite serious with this announcement as this will be their first free-to-play MMO. Since the last decade, Maxis is not really performing well. Reviews for their games were not actually impressive. Spore was considered a mess, Darkspore was even worse. SimCity was not actually that good. The Sims 4 requires premium membership to experience the entire features of the game and ?access for various DLC purchases.

To turn this mishaps around, Maxis might need something new and refreshing. This free-to-play MMO might be their last chance to have a decent game that everyone might appreciate.

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