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Max Payne 4 Release: Remedy’s Next Game Doesn’t Sound Like A Max Payne Title

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Max Payne 4

Recently, Remedy Entertainment talked about their next project codenamed ?P7? in an interview. The Max Payne developers confirmed that this game will be focused on deeper storytelling and generally explore the missed opportunities in Alan Wake and Quantum Break. However, the next title doesn?t seem to be Max Payne 4 due to the details they discussed.

Remedy?s Plans

According to Polygon?s interview with Remedy Entertainment, the company is now developing their ?P7? project. Only conceptual details like improving their craft, particularly storytelling, in this title were revealed. Remedy Entertainment Game Director Mikael Kasurinen explained that they were integrating a certain part of watching TV series with their games.

?What we learned was, it?s challenging to combine this more passive way of telling stories with a game that demands you to be active and Quantum Break underlined those problems really clearly. We wanted, we felt it was exploration worth doing. We spent a lot of time making sure the connection points between the TV show and the game were strong and meaningful. It is a tough challenge to make people shift back and forth between active and passive mode.?

?They emphasized key things we wanted to pursue in the future.?

?Expanding the gameplay side, involving different areas, finding ways for players to affect the experience. But it?s also important we don?t lose that storytelling DNA that we are known for. We want to make sure that wherever we go for gameplay, we still have that be at the core, just connecting to all the different aspects of the game.?

At best, Remedy Entertainment is planning to focus on deeper storytelling in their games, but they are struggling struggles to find the right balance of active playing in the game. The Telltale Games episodal and interactive gameplay approach does exist, but it seems that Remedy Entertainment wants to go beyond that. At best, the Max Payne series doesn?t fit this type of design smoothly.

No Max Payne Mentions

Remedy Entertainment seems to focus on banking on their progress with Alan Wake and Quantum Break more than Max Payne. Both Alan Wake and Quantum Break tried to push interesting gameplay in their respective games but failed to gain large popularity. Max Payne was only mentioned and not discussed in the interview. It?s possible that the ?P7? game will be more similar to Alan Wake or Quantum Break.

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Max Payne?s Direction

As of Max Payne 3, the game seemed to focus more on its iconic slow motion gunfights. This system that started in the first game allowed players to just barge in rooms and slow down time to shoot all enemies while dodging their shots. This feature was carried over to Rockstar Games? iteration in Max Payne 3.

At best, Respawn Entertainment may have wanted to tell Max Payne?s revenge story against those who killed his family with thematic power to his personality. However, the game?s slow motion shooting systems may have been more popular than Max?s tragedy as seen in Max Payne 2 and 3. Since Remedy Entertainment wants to focus on storytelling for P7, they may have even decided against continuing the Max Payne series. Max Payne 4 may not happen unless the company finds a good story to use Max Payne?s character without just throwing his slow motion bullet time ability in conflicts.

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