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Max Payne 4: Why A New Entry In The Series Is Irrelevant

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Max Payne 4
Source: Max Payne 3 – Official Launch Trailer video

The Max Payne series is remembered as that one shooting game that gave the powers of slow motion and a revenge story soaked in sorrow. Max Payne’s gameplay couldn’t be found in today’s games and fans would like to see another entry. However, a Max Payne 4 entry could be irrelevant given today’s audience standards, trends, and the series’ current state.

Open World is King

So far, the current mainstream video game trend is focusing on open-world games. As seen on the previous E3 2017, many shooter titles like Days Gone, Anthem, and Metro Exodus are also open world genres. The good games released this year were open-world games like Persona 5 and Horizon Zero Dawn. The upcoming game that are expected to be massive this 2017 is also an open-world title, like Destiny 2.

Easily, fans could just think that Max Payne could also work with an open-world setting, but exploring the world of crime has long been done with titles like Mafia and the Yakuza series. Rockstar Games will have to make another massive overhaul to Max Payne again, like what they already did in Max Payne 3.

Defeating Payne’s Story

Max Payne’s story is heavily characterized by its dark, gritty world of crime and substance abuse. Normally, open world games are expected to have great sights to keep the audience playing to gain more access to newer areas to explore. Beautiful sights applied in Max Payne games would make it a generic open world title as many games like Far Cry and Just Cause already tried mixing beautiful sceneries with grim scenes of violence.

Max Payne is also characterized with its grimdark tone and just giving him more streets to walk on would just ruin that feel. Max Payne 3 tried to show some contrasting duality in their take on Sao Paolo, Brazil with its beautiful sights ridden with a large criminal network in its shadows. It’s hard to get in Payne’s sad shoes if it’s too fun to be an armed tourist enjoying the sights and killing some bad guys.

Make Another Game With Payne Powers Instead

Instead of trying to make Max Payne 4 work, Rockstar Games could use their technology to make a game that extracts the enjoyable parts of this series to make a new IP. This plan sounds like Ubisoft’s alley as seen in their upcoming works like Skull and Bones and Assassin’s Creed Origins. Max Payne’s developers still has a strong potential because of its game history, but it’s really time to stop trying to . After all, Payne’s story ended after he successfully avenged his family after killing the source of his family’s tragedy.

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