Matthew McConaughey ?Saturday Night Live’ Was Brilliant In SNL, Check Out His Finest Moments Here

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Matthew McConaughey ?Saturday Night Live’ Was Brilliant In SNL, Check Out His Finest Moments Here:

On the last episode of Saturday Night Live, Matthew McConaughey said that it had been 14 years since the last time he was there in his opening monologue. Actually, it was not true. In 2003, he hosted it and that was only 12 years ago. That was the only thing wrong that McConaughey did on Saturday evening.

The old reliable ?Fox and Friends? was the topic at the opening of the show. The Matthew McConaughey-hosted episode of?Saturday Night Live?continued the discussion of Syrian refugees, aired special?Star Wars:The Force Awakens?spoof auditions introduced by J.J. Abrams and celebrated the healing power of Adele’s music. The show featured??Saturday NightLive??castmembers continuing the debate on Syrian refugees being allowed into the U.S., in light of the recent?Paris attacks. A video of Syrian refugees?attempting to enter the U.S. actually was revealed as aggressive Wal-Mart shoppers on Black Friday.

It was refreshing to see?Taran Killam who jokingly said that he was told that they were not actually Syrian refugees. They were Wal-Mart shoppers on Black Friday.

Also seen were Vanessa Bayer, and?Bobby Moynihanat the extreme right, though we have been forced into the election season quite early.Matthew teamed up with the cast of?Saturday Night Live?for a sketch that parodies the video for?Adele’s hit single, “Hello,” but with a Thanksgiving twist. Best lines from the sketch included Bayer?s Elizabeth Hasselback angry about Black Friday: ?All Fridays matter!? Also noteworthy was?Jay Pharoah?s Ben Carson: ?I?m like a koala bear. On the outside I seem nice, but on the inside, I?ve never held elective office.?The results were as epic as they sound. Matthew even wore Adele’s signature fur coat, and Aidy Bryant rolled around in leaves.

McConaughey?s uttered his famous ?alright, alright, alright? catchphrase since his screen debut in ?Dazed and Confused?. It looked like he was quite involved in the story with not many laughs. It was not really funny but seemed entertaining.

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