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Matt Kenseth Wins NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Twitter Fans Congratulate

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It was apparently a race to who had the most fuel in an epic win for NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth at the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Pocono on Sunday. Matt Kenseth stunned the crowd as he blows past the top three leaders on the way to a glorious second victory of the year

Kyle Busch, Martin Truex, and Joey Legano were all holding on for the top positions in the race to who would become the Windows 10 400 champion, but nobody expected the lapse of judgment as they lost to Kenseth because of an empty fuel. According to ESPN, Kyle Busch would still be the hottest driver in NASCAR if he had another quart or so of fuel, and Martin Truex Jr. would have swept Pocono for the 2015 season if he had two or more quarts of fuel left in the tank.

Kenseth?s win continued the excellent run for Joe Gibbs Racing, winning five of the last six races, Yahoo! Sports shared. “I won at Pocono, I didn’t think that would ever happen, and I won a fuel-mileage race, I didn’t think that would ever happen. Feels good to get one like that. We had a fast car, and we were able to get the fuel mileage good enough to get the win,” Matt Kenseth said according to ESPN. ?I couldn?t catch them anyway but I just wanted to get as close as I could in case they ran out,? he added.

Matt Kenseth?s #20 Toyota garnered a total of 47 points in the 400-mile race to receive the prestigious title of a champion. NASCAR fans released their excitement as they flocked to Twitter and congratulated Matt Kenseth for a stunning victory in the #Windows10_400 NASCAR Sprint Cup.

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