Matt Damon Is Homophobic? Actor Explains His Statement

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Matt Damon?s latest release The Martian is definitely doing great wonders at the box-office and the actor is surely being appreciated for his performance as well. However, though he is in the limelight for all the right reasons, the actors seems to have invited trouble upon him by supposedly discouraging gay actors from coming out of the closet.

New York Post?reports that two weeks ago Damon was forced to apologize after repeatedly interrupting black female producer Effie Brown during a heated discussion on diversity in cinema on his television show ?Project Greenlight.?

And this week Damon has come under fire for supposedly discouraging gay actors from coming out of the closet.

As he explained on ?The Ellen DeGeneres Show? today, Damon wasn?t telling gay actors to hide their sexuality, but merely suggesting that a bit of Tinseltown mystique can actually boost a talent?s appeal and longevity. ?I was just trying to say actors are more effective when they?re a mystery, the report further stated.

However, the actor made no apology during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres?s US daytime talk show on Monday, clarifying that he had not intended to come across as homophobic, but once again stressing that ?actors are more effective when they?re a mystery?, reported?The Guardian.

According to BBC, he even went on to comment on internet journalists fuelling the backlash.

?In the blogosphere there’s no real penalty for just taking the ball and running with it,? he said, “You know what I mean? You’re just trying to click on your thing.?

Our only suggestion to Matt is that think twice before you say it out in the open.

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