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Matrix Wachowski Brothers Now Sisters After 2nd Sibling Comes Out As Transgender

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The Matrix Wachowski brothers can now be referred as ?sisters? as Andy announced his true gender identity as a transgender, four years after his sibling, Larry, also came out of the closet. Now Andy will be known as Lilly, while Larry has been Lana since 2012 when he gathered the courage and strength to admit to his true gender.

According to Windy City Times which was reported by The Guardian, Lilly decided to make a public announcement about her gender transition after a journalist from Britain?s Daily Mail forced her to participate in an interview and detail her sexuality.

In line with this, the filmmaker has decided to release a statement about the incident, wherein she detailed what and when it happened, added the report. It was on Monday night when the journalist from the newspaper arrived at her front door. The reporter then immediately asked her to share her gender identity for the Daily Mail. Obviously, Lilly was shocked and she called the incident a ?threatened public outing against my will.?

?I knew at some point I would have to come out publicly. You know, when you?re living as an out transgender person it?s kind of difficult to hide,? said the filmmaker. ?I just wanted – needed – some time to get my head right, to feel comfortable. But apparently I don?t get to decide this,? she added.

Although it took Lilly that long to reveal her true sexuality to the public, and not to mention that she had to go through a traumatic experience for the formal announcement, the filmmaker said that she had already told her family, friends and colleagues about her situation, said Fox News.

Now, Wachowski has been married to Alicia Blasingame since 1991, but despite what many would think, that her wife may take the revelation negatively, Lilly shared that Alicia has been supportive of her and that ?everyone is cool with it.? She also thanked her sibling, ??thanks to my fabulous sister [not only because] they?ve done it before, but also because they?re fantastic people.?

Aside from The Matrix and its two sequels, the Wachowskis were also involved in Bound, Cloud Atlas, Speed Racer and Jupiter Ascending. They also have a running TV series on Netflix titled Sense8 and it is now underway for its second season.

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