Matrix Online Celebrates Third Year

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Apparently, Matrix Online is three now. Has anyone been playing this game for the last three years? I’m not trying to knock on it, but . . . is this really something to celebrate? Whatever happened to Star Wars Galaxies? Celebration event info after the break.

Players Can Celebrate with The Return of the Smith Virus, New Loot and a Party with Developers
The Matrix Online (MxO) celebrates its third anniversary with in-game events and parties, along with Game Update 59 set to debut in April.
Some in game features include:The Return of the Smith Virus
– The ever-popular Smith Virus returns in this year’s anniversary as it seeks to infect all those in the Matrix.
– Players can approach a virologist near various city monuments who will present them with a ticket to begin a mission leading to the Oracle.
– Complete the mission from the Oracle and get “Smith’s End Brownie” which cures players of the Smith Virus infection. Players can even throw the brownie at infected people to cure them of the virus.
– Watch out for “Smithlings” but if one is encountered one, he might drop a “Smith Frag” for usage.

Don’t Forget About the Goodies
– Have an extra Smith Frag or Smith’s End Brownie? Take them to a virologist to get items available only during the anniversary! Don’t worry, once these special items are acquired they are then accessible year-round.
– Items available during the MxO Anniversary
o 20+ t-shirts with 12 new types this year
o Oracle Anniversary Cookies which provide additional healing from any damage you might incur from fighting those devious Smithlings or other foes.
o Smith Rage Pills that temporarily confer combat buffs similar to those received from the Smith Virus.
o Smith Firewall Candy – new this year! These candies award players temporary immunity against Smith Virus infections – a must for any brave operatives!

In-Game Party
o Party with developers, Rarebit, Walrus, Virrago, Moonlite, Brewko, 9mmfu and Dracomet and other players on Friday, March 21st from 3-5pm PST on the Syntax server in Camon Heights Park to chat and celebrate MxO’s 3rd birthday.

WHEN: The MxO Third Anniversary is scheduled to begin on March 20th and conclude on April 3rd


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