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Masterchef Secrets And Other Cooking Show Truths Revealed

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Masterchef Secrets

A video of Masterchef Junior can be seen circulating around social media lately. It shows the young contestants scrambling to finish their dishes complete with background of host and judge Gordon Ramsay cursing to high heavens ? his usual, but obviously a prank as he usually don?t show this hellion side of him among kids.

Anyway, it was a funny and fun video to watch, and it got us thinking of some of the more hilarious and surprising truths that really happen behind shows like Masterchef and even cooking segments in shows like Oprah.

A few weeks ago, it can be remembered how these cooking usually goes, and they were revealed in one Reddit thread. The stories are surprising! Here?s what we found out:

Truth in the kitchen

Some really nasty confessions of how the food turns out on contest-style shows, such as MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules,?have been revealed. According to the Redditors, several versions of the same dish are also made, with all of the food eventually thrown away.

?Most of the food is either A) not edible (under cooked chicken, just browned on the outside to look good for the camera or sprayed with shining spray to make it look glossy) or B) eaten by the crew,? posted by a Reddit user named ?Elroypaisley.? ?The most enlightening fact, for me, was that many of the chefs have no idea what the recipe is, what they are cooking when they arrive or how it?s made,? he added.

One user also posted experiences on ?The Oprah Winfrey Show? revealing on one episode that Tom Cruise had no idea how to make his own grandmother?s carbonara. ?I made pancakes (I think) for Harry Connick Jr., Gwenyth Paltrow?s miso crusted-cod and most famously Tom Cruise?s grandmother?s spaghetti carbonara,? a user name ?Astrochef12? said from News.com.au.

?Tom Cruise?s spaghetti carbonara sticks in my memories because the call came in during a lull and a bunch of staff was on vacation. We would get the call and have to have the food ready for taping that same week, so it was just me on the job,? the user added

Then the Reddit user stated how badly Tom Cruise listed the ingredients on how to make the carbonara. ?Normally the eggs are mixed in after the pasta is added, then you toss everything around and the eggs, cheese, olive oil and bacon fat make a very rich sauce,? ?Astrochef 12 said.

?So I am faced with a dilemma. Do I make the recipe his way so that the audience gets the same messed up preparation or do I make it the right way and show up the biggest star ever on a major client?s very popular show? The populist in me won. Screw Tom Cruise.

?I packed everything up and sent it off to the show with another event chef. The chef calls me as soon as they were done: Sure enough, they roll out the demo setup and he (Tom Cruise) starts sauteing the olive oil, garlic, anchovies and bacon ?til everything melts down. He adds the eggs and scrambled eggs! He?s like ?Uh oh! That?s not right?? and Oprah reaches under the cart and pulls out a bowl of my spaghetti carbonara and he says, ?Oh yeah, that?s what it is supposed to look like!?

Another Reddit user named ?Landlubber77? who has worked as a production intern with a television network involved with food also shared about how the mistakes of chef and how they reset and cook the food all over again. He also shared about the dish prepared by chef?s that is apparently not the one that is featured on the elaborate shots.

But fortunately for ?Masterchef? fans, the Australian version was proudly praised in the forum for donating leftover food which is shared to non-profit organization Foodbank, an institution providing meals for the hungry, according to Sydney Morning Herald. At least there?s a good ending for Gary, George, and Matt.

So which do you think is real or not from the shows above? Sound off in the comments below.

The new season of Masterchef Junior US will air on November 6.

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