Masterchef Australia 2016: Trent’s Caveman Dish Dominates

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Masterchef Australia 2016 just started its California Week, and on its first day, the competing chefs were going against each other not only to go to the next round, but also for a guaranteed spot at the fast-track-to-finals challenge.

In a challenge that saw the chefs using produce from local California farmers — products ranging from beef to citrus — electrician Trent Harvey proved to be the one to beat as his ?caveman? dish proved to be a judges favorite, earning him one spot in the fast-track-to-finals challenge.

As recounted by the Daily Mail, California Week started in the city of San Francisco, where the remaining seven chefs were tasked with utilizing California produce and making it the star of their dish.

Trent, who has been in two immunity challenges before and had been on a triumphant team four times before California Week, won over the judges with a spiced walnut butter sirloin steak with mushrooms and roast fennel. As the Daily Mail puts it, ?Trent was committed to producing a dish that was a true reflection of himself, and backed his rough-around-the-edges steak until the end.?


Matt Sinclair and Trent Harvey were two of the better contestants during the first episode of California Week.

But it wasn?t just the steak that caught viewers? attention, as the state of the chefs? complexion were pilloried online by ?Masterchef Australia? viewers. The contestants had earlier been tasked to an outside cooking challenge, which resulted in sunburns for contestants Matt Sinclair, Brett Carter and Harry Foster. A lot of the viewers had a lot to say about this on Twitter.

One Twitter user commented: ?Harry?s on the blue team but due to his sunburn he?s also on the red team.? Another remarked that ?The real beetroots are the contestants? sunburnt faces from yesterday?s outdoor cook!?

With the first challenge dealt with, the chefs are now faced with an even bigger one. The pressure test airing tonight is a challenge issued by two Michelin star chef Dominique Chreen, which is to recreate two of her dishes — a main course and a dessert. The team that succeeds will join Harvey in the fast-track-to-finals challenge.

While Harvey?s odds at winning have certainly improved with this win, the competition is still Carter?s to lose. And while Sinclair has performed better in the previous episode?s challenge, it still remains to be seen if that will continue in tonight?s pressure test or will end up with him eventually joining the ranks of Chloe Bowles and Theresa Visintin.

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