Masterchef Australia 2016 Spoilers: Kitchen Disasters Abound, Red Team Members In Trouble

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Masterchef Australia 2016 seems intent on discarding any impression that the cooking competition is ?boring?. In the show?s latest episode, both teams struggled to run a hassle-free kitchen during the Gourmet Cinema challenge.

In a recap of the episode by the Daily Mail, Matt SInclair?s Red Team and Brett Carter?s Blue Team both ended up preparing less than the expected number of dishes for an event that involved ?a hundred guests attending an outdoor screening of the series’ highlights at Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse.? ?

The Red Team ended up losing the challenge after failing to come up with 15 satisfactory desserts, something that they only noticed at the end of their service. The team had to rush out 15 more parfaits, which did not end up performing well with the judges. The Daily Mail quotes Gary Mehigan as saying that the desserts were only ?going out now and there’s hardly any chocolate on those at all.?

That said, it didn?t mean the Blue Team performed spectacularly. Brett Carter?s team went through a beef shortage and had to ?cook up 10 plates’ worth of beef at the last minute upon realising they hadn’t prepared enough.? Nevertheless, their performance was enough to push the team into the Top 10.

This means that the members of the Red Team — Matt Sinclair, Trent Harvey, Elise Franciskovic, Karmen Lu and Mimi Baines — will be battling it out in tonight?s elimination round. Whoever gets eliminated will be joining former contestants Charlie Satori and Miles Pritchett.

Meanwhile, last night?s episode also saw the judges being judges as well, as Twitter users ended up making fun of George Calombaris? ?bizarre attempt at tasting finger food?. The Daily Mail collected the tweets, which range from viewers calling Calombaris ?a drunk teenager eating fries in Kings Cross? to one that opined that ?George’s demonstration of eating in a reclined position was ridiculous and so dramatic,? One user even asked ?’Should George be in charge of a fork with such poor hand-mouth coordination??

Which Read Team member do you think will crumble under the pressure and lose during the elimination test? Share your thoughts below, and keep it here for more Masterchef Australia 2016 spoilers, news, and updates.

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