Masterchef Australia 2016 Spoilers: Audience Figures Out The Winner?

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Masterchef Australia 2016 spoilers don?t come any bigger than this: it appears that perceptive fans have sussed out the home chef that is going to win the cooking competition this year, based on the attendees during a launch party.

At the Regional Flavors launch in Brisbane, celebrity chefs, the show?s judges, as well as its past alumni were in attendance, but only one of the current batch of Masterchef Australia contestants was in attendance — 27-year-old coffee roaster Matt Sinclair.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it noted how Masterchef fans quickly arrived to the conclusion that Sinclair will win the show after he posted a picture on his Instagram with the previous season?s runner-up, Georgia Barnes. Sinclair also posted a photo of him being interviewed by the media, alongside celebrity chef Miguel Maestre.

Fans were quick to leave comments on Sinclair?s Instagram page needling him and asking him if his presence at the launch proved that he was going to be the eventual winner of Masterchef Australia 2016.


Eagle-eyed viewers may have figured out who among the Top Five is going to win.

Among some of the comments that the Daily Mail collated include one that noted that Masterchef is a pre-recorded show, despite Sinclair?s assertion that his presence at the launch was during a ?production break?, and that no other current contestant was there besides him.

Another commenter said that Sinclair had always been their favorite before adding ?I?m pretty sure he won?. Yet another commenter just flat out congratulated him for the perceived win, while another just said ?You must be the winner?.

If the speculation proves true, then it is quite a turnaround for Sinclair, who a couple of episodes back endured his seventh elimination challenge. He?s also shown in previous episodes with a difficulty at multitasking. That said, he has impressed both Marco Pierre White and Nigella Lawson, and has also won an immunity pin in the past.

His suspected win is yet another twist to this recent season of Masterchef Australia, following the eliminations of strong contenders Brett Carter and Trent Harvey. Carter was only in two elimination challenges before he was eliminated, while Harvey?s elimination came after a strong win for his ?caveman? dish.

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