Masterchef Australia 2016: Mimi Baines Bids Goodbye

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Masterchef Australia 2016 lost another strong competitor as yet another pressure test proved too much for one of the five home cooks left in the reality cooking competition. The most recent eliminated cook is the latest in the show?s string of shock eliminations.

Mimi Baines, who got a kiss from Nigella Lawson and the opportunity to cook her a midnight snack, found herself at a loss when her, Harry Foster, and Elise Franciskovic faced an elimination challenge that required them to make a dish from the same ingredients they used to qualify for the show at the start of the season.

As recounted by News.com.au, it was Baines? mistake of ?picking ricotta instead of goat?s cheese for her fig ice cream with goat?s cheese and prosciutto dish? that cost her her place in the competition. The judges felt that the ricotta ?derailed? whatever else was working in her dish.

It would also seem that Baines was aware of the shaky ground she was treading on, as the news outlet quoted her as saying that she ?tried to bring out the flavour of the ricotta a bit more because it has a bland flavour but in retrospect I probably should have added cream to it.?


The Top 4 battle it out tonight to get to Grand Finals Week.

Baines? elimination follows that of airline captain Brett Carter and electrician Trent Harvey from the competition. Carter was only in two elimination challenges before he was eliminated, while Harvey?s elimination came after a strong win for his ?caveman? dish.

With the way the eliminations are going, it does look like there may be a kernel of truth in viewer speculation that Matt Sinclair would win Masterchef Australia. Viewers following Sinclair?s Instagram account noticed that he was the only contestant from the current season that was present in a launch that brought together celebrity chefs, Masterchef Australia alums, and the show?s judges.

Sinclair winning would prove to be quite a turnaround for him, as he has been a regular of the elimination challenges, and has shown that multitasking can be challenging for him. That said, he has been able to win the immunity pin once before in the competition.

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